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So….the first scene in my project is finally done. Let me tell you…it was pretty hard to complete. I kept on having issues with Maya crashing, and not wanting to re open. Even when using the layers, and most of the geometry was hidden, i still ran into these issues.  It was a real pain. I had actually done this scene about 5 times. It was really bothering me. I couldn’t go to sleep, without it being done.  With this scene, i got to a point where i was soo scared of Maya not being able to re-open, that i just stopped where i was at, and decided to render from that point. I cant imagine any other scene being tougher than this one. Im pretty confident that i can preform all of the tasks needed to complete this project, its just that the problems that I am running into are mostly due to my hardware limitations.  Since i am not allowed to render on quality hardware at school, i have to make due with what i have. I am pretty satisfied with the rendering so far. Its mostly just lit with the dome light, and i believe 1 sphere. I want to push the lighting in a more emotional direction, with temperature values, so i can play up on the mood a little more in the future scenes. I am finding lighting to be be increasingly more, and more enjoyable the more I work on this project. While doing this, i have several ideas for future projects.   Im probably going to try to render this scene again. Im going to do some instancing, and quick material tweaks, and see if i can get away with doing a bit more.  Wish me luck ( my invisible fans!)


sunday night

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Just a render o0f a crane that i finished a while ago.  I had fun with this one. In the future i want to model alot more construction equipment.

Modo crane

1 more for the road….

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I guess im getting ‘post happy’. Here is an apartment building from the Russian movie, August Eighth. I had seen in featured in some dynamic simulations by  on vimeo. Whe i saw his sims, i was really impressed with the fluid sims, but what really captivated me was seeing the quality, and the lighting job which was done with Houdini point based renderer. The second i saw itm i knew that this was the type of quality that i was trying to achieve.  Im pretty sure that i can do it…just gotta stay focused! Once again, the windows will be fixed in the final render.

Gas is still expensive…..

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Just a gas station render for my scene. Im debating throwing a gasoline tractor trailer refueling tanker thing in the scene too. It just depends how much i get done this weekend. The goal is to get all of my assets done by Monday. Im very eager to start animation, and even more eager to get to fluid simulations!!! Im so eager that the last sentence deserved 3 exclamation points! Its getting close to 4am. I should get some sleep, but im having fun, but im also talkin a little crazy too. Im abput to put modo to bed soon.  Oh and before i forget, one important thing to know about my assets is that the windows will probably never look correct unless its in the final render. Im just going to make a few window shaders, and slap them on whatever has glass in my scene.  These are just quick renders to show off the paint job….its time to crash………

Random pickup truck to help populate my scene. Im learning that you have to gamma correct your images, to increase the realism.

whats up!!!

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Modo paint baby!

Hello to all of my fans! ( i seriously doubt anyone has even looked at this site other than myself, but its fun to pretend, SO lets move on!)

So its the beginning of the school year, and its time to start crankin’ out the 3D.  This summer was a learning experience in texturing. I feel like i have a decent grasp on modeling, but its time to step my game up, and make those models look real! Ive been learning alot about UV mapping ( which was for a while confusing as hell) and painting ( which was also confusing). The thing that i found the most confusing was when I would see these textures of characters and other props that were painted in Photoshop. It just looked so crazy that people were painting these things in 3D.  I couldn’t figure out how they knew what to paint,, and where to paint it. In 2d some of these characters look like monsters,, but when you saw the model in 3d, it would be a cute little kid or something. It looked pretty bonkers to me since im new to all of this. But now ive discovered 3D painting! 3D painting makes perfect sense to me now. Im not trying to be cocky like i know it all, but now i know the basics, and that was a hard hurdle for me to jump. Anyways, on to the post.  I have been painting primarily in Modo. Its been pretty fun so far, and im satisfied with the way things are going.  This is a rooftop utility hut thing that made.

Maya fluids test

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Earlier this week I tried out making clouds in maya.


It was just a test to get me more familiar with fluids.


What I learned: That fluid containers can be scaled down, and not scaled up.

Challenges: The making of clouds is very computationally expensive. Some renders had taken over 20 minutes to process.  The real challenge was working with a computer that dosent have a top notch graphics card, to handle the amount of data that needs to be processed. I also need to figure out how to make a sky backdrop, or a sky with a large fluid container. This is needed to make the clouds really feel like they are floating through space.

Thoughts: I would like to do this again on a faster computer, or n a computer that can stay on for a few days for the duration of the rendering. I will investigate how to make clouds form spheres using Nparticles. I would like to find a way to have more control over the density and noise parameters, to make a more stylized cloud. Maybe investigate ways to make clouds not so computationally expensive, expecially if the cloud or clouds is positioned at a far distance away, and the amout of detail is reduced, so the amount of data can be reduced.