Gas is still expensive…..

Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Just a gas station render for my scene. Im debating throwing a gasoline tractor trailer refueling tanker thing in the scene too. It just depends how much i get done this weekend. The goal is to get all of my assets done by Monday. Im very eager to start animation, and even more eager to get to fluid simulations!!! Im so eager that the last sentence deserved 3 exclamation points! Its getting close to 4am. I should get some sleep, but im having fun, but im also talkin a little crazy too. Im abput to put modo to bed soon.  Oh and before i forget, one important thing to know about my assets is that the windows will probably never look correct unless its in the final render. Im just going to make a few window shaders, and slap them on whatever has glass in my scene.  These are just quick renders to show off the paint job….its time to crash………


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