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Posted: August 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Modo paint baby!

Hello to all of my fans! ( i seriously doubt anyone has even looked at this site other than myself, but its fun to pretend, SO lets move on!)

So its the beginning of the school year, and its time to start crankin’ out the 3D.  This summer was a learning experience in texturing. I feel like i have a decent grasp on modeling, but its time to step my game up, and make those models look real! Ive been learning alot about UV mapping ( which was for a while confusing as hell) and painting ( which was also confusing). The thing that i found the most confusing was when I would see these textures of characters and other props that were painted in Photoshop. It just looked so crazy that people were painting these things in 3D.  I couldn’t figure out how they knew what to paint,, and where to paint it. In 2d some of these characters look like monsters,, but when you saw the model in 3d, it would be a cute little kid or something. It looked pretty bonkers to me since im new to all of this. But now ive discovered 3D painting! 3D painting makes perfect sense to me now. Im not trying to be cocky like i know it all, but now i know the basics, and that was a hard hurdle for me to jump. Anyways, on to the post.  I have been painting primarily in Modo. Its been pretty fun so far, and im satisfied with the way things are going.  This is a rooftop utility hut thing that made.


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