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Posted: September 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

So….the first scene in my project is finally done. Let me tell you…it was pretty hard to complete. I kept on having issues with Maya crashing, and not wanting to re open. Even when using the layers, and most of the geometry was hidden, i still ran into these issues.  It was a real pain. I had actually done this scene about 5 times. It was really bothering me. I couldn’t go to sleep, without it being done.  With this scene, i got to a point where i was soo scared of Maya not being able to re-open, that i just stopped where i was at, and decided to render from that point. I cant imagine any other scene being tougher than this one. Im pretty confident that i can preform all of the tasks needed to complete this project, its just that the problems that I am running into are mostly due to my hardware limitations.  Since i am not allowed to render on quality hardware at school, i have to make due with what i have. I am pretty satisfied with the rendering so far. Its mostly just lit with the dome light, and i believe 1 sphere. I want to push the lighting in a more emotional direction, with temperature values, so i can play up on the mood a little more in the future scenes. I am finding lighting to be be increasingly more, and more enjoyable the more I work on this project. While doing this, i have several ideas for future projects.   Im probably going to try to render this scene again. Im going to do some instancing, and quick material tweaks, and see if i can get away with doing a bit more.  Wish me luck ( my invisible fans!)